In early 2008, I decided to create this node to hold all the site’s credits. Most of these would scattered over time of posts, and it is better for me to grouped them all together in a single page from the start.

In few years later, more information will be feed and hopefully with a little change on format. So without further ado, here goes:

What You See

This site is running on Blogger, which I directly host it on official site. The different version of engine would then be updated, whenever the latest stable version will be available. It enable me to simplify tasks.

The current site design is called “Galauness”, and is designed by Iksandi Lojaya, which inspired me to see how far I could go with halfway decent typography and minimal styling.

All the photographs, graphics, etc., are my own work, as are logos. Images inserted in pages are, whenever possible, duly credited (if not explicitly, then at the very least with a link back to the site I got them from in the post text).

The comments system is Blogger's Default, because I do not want to manage complexity of the system, but I prefer to disable all comments for now.

All graphics on the site were created or modified using Photoshop and iPhoto. Photos are managed with Photos. It is included within Mac OS X Yosimite.

More on the site design (including screenshots of previous iterations of the site) can be found here.

What You Do Not See

My loving daughter is infinitely patient with me and lets me spend a few evenings tweaking this every now and then.

My face, as a hobby photographer, I don't usually let others took my photos. It is my personal preference, and hope you can cope with it.

The current Blogger engine is on the Version X.X

Please note: This writing is directly copied and modified from my other site on WordPress where is my corporate web portal where I do not maintain much anymore.



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Twitter Updates

"I DON'T TWEET" - QUOTED FROM KIMI RAIKKONEN, my all time favourite F1 driver

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Meet The Author

"Mathematician and Computer Scientist who spend most of time doing other things..."

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