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Last Updated: August 2015

I am lost. Do you have a FAQ?

You are looking at it.

What is this site?

Well, first and foremost, it is my Digital Diary - a standard one where I jot down some technical notes and (of course) my bookmarks and topics of interest.

No big articles, no in-depth discussions - just a digital scrapbook on steroids with a lot of notes (both technical and related to the telecomms market), short (and hopefully efficient) articles and the odd opinion.

But it looks just like a Blogger site!

Yes, it is Blogger, together with Galauness template by Iksandi Lojaya


Well, because I do spend time & space on things, simplify things: It just happens. Things just (mostly) work, and it does not get in the way of enjoying other stuff. So, it is time to RESTART!

Why the Mac?

If you really have to ask that question, then you have probably been using computers the wrong way around most of your life. You see, the whole point of using a computer is getting things done on it, not letting the computer use you to keep it running.

That is just one of the reasons I prefer using Macs, but I will not get into that. Arguing about computer platforms is like arguing about cars - it's a matter of personal preference, period.

Where do you live?

In Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore mostly in a Home Office environment when in Bangkok and in Singapore during Weekday time at Head Quarter Office, where I roam doing miscellaneous project management work and preying upon unsuspecting vendors in a strange symbiotic relationship with Marketing and Engineering people.

Where else have you lived?

Geraldton (Western Australia); Sydney (New South Wales); Coventry (UK), Dubai (UAE)

If you are Thai, why do you write in English?

If you are asking that question, then you are probably Thai yourself.

The short answer is: Because I spend more than half my waking hours thinking, writing and speaking in English, and have done so for several years now.

The long answer involves explaining in rather painstaking detail why I do not subscribe to the usual navel-gazing attitude followed by Thai bloggers (usually along the lines of "if foreigners want to read my stuff, they can stick a fish in their ear"), which stems from our nation's peculiar form of nostalgia for the imperial days and prevents us from making any sort of headway into the modern world.

The even longer answer includes a statement to the effect that I did, in fact, write in Thai, and still do - just not here, where I take notes on tech stuff that is of general interest and do not want language getting in the way.

Where do you get all this information?

You mean the actual news interspersed with my notes and rants? Simple. I have a hand-picked RSS subscription list on an iPhone. This saves time, is often faster than "official" news sites and keeps me up to date without requiring hours of aimless surfing (which I can not spare at all).

Plus, you know, there is this thing called Google that helps you find stuff you are looking for - I just take notes of some of the stuff I found.

Do you support Trackback?

Yes, Trackback by Blogger Default

What is EOF?

At the end of each article, you would see "EOF", acronym stands for End-Of-File, which implied to kind of full-stop, period, end of article. It is sometimes good to see such exclamation to give users, or even myself know that the article has ended. It is commonly use in Coding comments, so I carried it over to use in most kind of writings in my life also.

Aren't you the guy that ran/wrote/coded/did/sold/designed (whatever) ?

Yeah, I have been around for a while. I am running a Thai Political site called XXXXXXXXXXX.XX, worked for a few consulting outfits and integrators, did quite a few site designs for other folk and contributed small snippets of code to a few Open Source projects in my leisure time.

Last time I bothered to check, I do have an e-mail archive from 1990 or so with VAX/VMS stuff in it...

Do you do this sort of thing for a living?

Definetly not. around 95% of what happens on this site is related only to my off-work pursuits. I do not actually code for a living (only when I get called in to fix something really nasty on such Thai Political Site), nor maintain the site for profit (the banners are essentially Monopoly money).

Most of my work day is spent juggling e-mails, documents and spreadsheets and doing analysis and planning work (keeping track of project milestones, budgets, etc.). For a few years, there was a lot of testing (mostly around Internet and IP convergence these days), occasional Code debugging and a lot of poring over insanely complicated network diagrams to try and make sure we have the best damn network in the business - not just today, but ten years down the road.

(Most people have no idea of the effort involved in evolving a mobile network, or even how complex it really is.)

I just did the really hard tech stuff (and even then only in IP convergence), and quite honestly wanted to get away from it as soon as possible (and I did, back to Marketing again).

I usually get home, relax for a while, turn away from the TV in disgust and reach for a book or my Mac. At least those I can learn from.

So pretty much everything you see here is the result of a few minutes a day keeping tabs on current technology or noting down some of the things I do in my spare time. If I did this sort of thing for a living, I would probably blog about Watches, Cars or something.

I do use the site to store some interesting information that I come across during work, but nothing of real consequence to what I do. And that's where this little bit of text comes in.

And that's it, really. You can go back to the HomePage now.



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