Lightweight Wheels

Lightweight Meilenstein Weiss Edition (secondhand)

Lightweight is one of the most expensive wheels and accessories in Bicycle market, and that is why I have not got any chance to own one yet. However, I found good cheap secondhand at one of bicycle shop in Thailand offered me good deal, and sounds too good to be true (but it is true).

The model that I will try first is Lightweight Meilenstein Weiss Edition, which come in white as suggested by model's name (weiss in German = white).

I am quite new to this product, and have not really studied what they are, because if you visit official site - LIGHTWEIGHT - it offered so many models, even in Weiss Edition. All I knew was the size of the rim and that is it.

Lightweight Meilenstein Weiss Edition

According to data shown at Lightweight's official site, it is the stiffest wheel in the Lightweight range, perfect all-round wheelset, equally at home on the road, in the mountains and in road racing. and Bremsperformance im Trockenen und bei Nässe neu definiert <-- whatever it said here, sounds good to me.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Meanwhile, I will remain...

Cheers for now...





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