(My) WhatsApp has been hacked

WhatsApp sent 6 digits code to verify my device

What a month for me coping with hackers, and hack attempts. There is one too many time already. This time it happened to my WhatsApp messenger on iPhone, because somebody tried to steal my account again. Luckily, I used several protections, from using unknown numbers to 3rd parties, and also two step verification offered by WhatsApp itself.

What happen was that I was forced to logout from my WhatsApp, and had to re-verify my account because somebody tried to use it. It is rather annoying but nobody can take anything from there. I also used iCloud backup, and also backup from WhatsApp itself too.

I should start investigating what had happened to me recently, from Netflix, then Line Messenger, and now WhatsApp. Anyway, It appeared that I was not alone, because when I consulted with colleagues and friends who often got in touch with me via WhatsApp, they also faced the same thing too. But I would not want to be bother with it any more. Just enjoy.

Meanwhile, I will remain...

Cheers for now...





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