Netflix Account was hacked!

Netflix Screenshot from my Mac

Update: I just found that many other users suffered from same experience, and this write described this problem very well here.

Netflix has been one of the best service that I use on daily basis now, because of variety of titles available, performance, user-friendly and easy access from all platforms such as Computer, or Mobile Phone.

However, this morning I have just found out that my Netflix account has been hacked. First of all I have received emails from Netflix telling me that somebody used my account to access from China and few minutes later another new access from Greece. That was weird, but I thought it was just changing of IP Address, and made Netflix confused where I login from. But that was not the case, because another email sent by Netflix informing me that I can no longer use my email address to access Netflix.

So I tried to login with my existing email, but to no avail, because the system did not recognise my email address, and treated me as if I am new user. The hacker obviously replaced my email address associating with my Netflix account with their new ones, and of course, they also got access for credit card attached. (Even though they can not see it, but they can still use Netflix on my Credit Card Bills).

So I waited no longer, but to seek for help from Netflix. There is Online-Chat system allows users to chat with assistance. And within few minutes, everything was solved, i.e. Yes, somebody hacked my account and changed email address, and using my credit card to pay for their usage, so that account is now being cancelled, and I also changed my email address used to access Netflix, as well as new set of passwords, and new mobile numbers. Everything was done in under 15 minutes. It was quite great experience to see how efficient Netflix support team are. (But anyway, I still can not understand how would hacker got access to my account in the first place? that remained to be Myth)

Meanwhile, I will remain...

Cheers for now...




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