Mercedes-Benz oil leak protest (China)

Chinese Woman made protest against Mercedes-Benz because of oil leak

This is very interesting news from SCMP. Basically this lady purchased brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLS300 from one of dealer in China. And just before she made any kilometre on it, she found defect(s) in the car, which was oil leak. She then jumped on top of her defect car and made protest against dealer, and Mercedes-Benz to either get her new car and (or) compensation (or) refund. The clip went viral with many supports online. [Initially, her dealer told her to fix the car, by replacing engine, which is of course, none of customer would agree to that].

At the end, that dealer agreed to replace her car, as well as taking care of her financial service fees as a compensation. That is a very good news, because Mercedes-Benz acts fast to take care of customer's problem at once, unlike in Thailand and elsewhere, where it took longer time to get any acknowledgement or compensation.

As I have previously mentioned about my Mercedes-Benz E350e, if I had known that doing protest may get Mercedes-Benz attention promptly, I might have done so. But never-mind that, this is good news for all, because it should be the same criteria everywhere in the world now, and I will surely use it as classic example reference.

Oh, and that dealer had been suspended from Mercedes-Benz dealership immediately. In Thailand, if the same standard applied, many of dealers may have been suspended as well.

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