BBM Enterprise version

BBM Enterprise Version

BBM will discontinue their free, consumer version by end of May 2019. But that's not a problem for me because I have always been using Enterprise version, due to my corporate's requirement. (Even though we might also have been using WhatsApp along the way as well.)

But good news for ordinary user, BBM Enterprise version is now available for those users who still wish to use it beyond May 2019, but at some minimal cost. But there is free trial period, which will then allow users to make decision whether to stick with it at some cost, or move to other app. 

And even better, user can use the same account in different devices for up to 5. My primary phone is now back to iOS, but I still do carry Android as well for specific corporate software and enterprise's policy.

I would suggest those users to go and check policy, instruction and etc. at Blackberry's official site regarding BBM.

Again, I can't say that I am Blackberry fan but in reality, Blackberry really have set good security standard for enterprise for years, and they are ahead of time in this. [Even though, other platforms may catch up now].

But one last thing I can confirm that, Blackberry's BBM (especially for Enterprise version) has always been the best communication tool for me over WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, or even WhatsApp. Forget about Line Messenger, where in Thailand and few of country are addicting to it for entertainment and convenient purpose, but for security-wise, it is the most dangerous way to communicate sensitive dialogue in comparison to the rest.

Meanwhile, I will remain...

Cheers for now...





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