Leica and M3 Double Stroke revisit

Leica M3 Double Strokes...

It has been a long while since I shoot photos with analogue camera. Lucky enough for me that I didn't have to purchase secondhand set from anywhere, because my grandfather had them all ready for me.

We've got quite a few of handsome set of Leica(s), such as Leica iiic (modified to f with extra timer function), Leica M3 Double Strokes, Leica R6.2, and Leica R8.

But the one that I love most is Leica M3 Double Strokes. It gave me best feeling of going back in time, using only pure superb mechanical functions advance ahead of it's time (early 1950s), and arguably to be the best Leica model ever, even up to date. [Some may have their opinion different than mine, but it is not just down to personal preference, it has been proven many time by many professionals already that M3 is the best Leica]

From above photo, this is original set from my grandfather, Leica M3 Double Strokes mounted with Leica Summicron (50/2.0) collapsible lens, and handsome lightmeter (still functioning well)

Leica R8

[All PHOTOs took by Xiaomi A2]

I will give this M3 big exercise in coming days and will post more about it again soon.

Cheers for now...




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