Life without iPhone/iOS/MacOS

Broken iPhone X...

It has been several months now that I start using Android One phone. It was due to my corporate's requirement that they decided not to support iOS any more. My corporate maintain around less than 100 handsets and notebooks so it is better for them to just focus on some platform only. Luckily, Mac OS is still in use.

In those months, I carried both iPhone and Android One phone (Xiaomi MiA2), and I had to admit that I preferred iPhone over everything else and couldn't imagine how others can live with Android phone.

However, up until past few weeks, my iPhone X was dropped heavily by one evil, and it was smashed to the state that it couldn't be used any more due to broken touch screen. Since then I had to live with Android One phone alone up until now.

I start getting used to it but still can't say that it can be iPhone's replacement. Android is good especially with Pie OS, but still lack of something that I couldn't described, but if I had to put in one word, Android lacked of one or more final touch. User experience can't be match to iOS platform, and I felt like Android was like a prototype rather than finishing product. So many bugs and I don't feel good with it. 

I will give it a thought for few more days before I get new iPhone XS, and then let's come back to see whether can I at least try to like it.

Cheers for now...




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