Taipei 2018

Pork Rice Taiwanese Style


Actually, we started off with Wine first!

Xiaolong Bao

I had a very short trip to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, Republic of China due to a very personal reason. Basically I went to find someone, only found out that they had left already. [And they still didn't know that I went all the way there to find them...]

The journey was interesting in the way, because this is the first time I flew out to Taipei from Chiang Mai (CNX) airport, using EVA Air BR258 (equipped with Wi-Fi) at 11:30am on Sunday. But on the way back (since I've learnt that the person I wanted to see departed back to Bangkok already) I purchased another ticket from AirAsia back to Chiang Mai departed at 3am and landed at around 6:00am. It was very convenient way, but proved to be costly.

But anyway, since I was there, and thanks to my local Taiwanese friends who happened to be free and willing to assist me in everything, so we went for drinks because I was very sad and then had some of famous food nearby Hotel in Xinyi district and then streetside food nearby Taoyuan afterwards.

2 regular places, one is streetside pork rice and stinky tofu and then one of the best Taiwanese restaurant in Taipei of which I will not say where they are ;)

Anyway, I am feeling quite ok now because problems happened have already solved and everything's gonna be alright!





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