Starbucks revisit...

Starbucks special corner

I made a vow to myself sometime ago not to drink Starbucks coffee anymore because of its taste and price in the past, but today is my turning point, since it was one of very few coffee shop open at 7:00 in Nimmanhemin, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and it was the only one in Chiang Mai that offered this kind of slow life dripping coffee by Starbucks.

This cafe has just undergone renovation, so everything is almost brand-new and look really good. It also offer special bar for special coffee and so on. Today I've tried manual drip coffee. The coffee bean I've chosen only available during Christmas (November - December), imported from Sumatra, Indonesia, called Christmas Blend.

It tastes really good and made me think that I can always go back there any time. They also offer three other kind of beans for dripping, but one is notable, called Muan Jai blend. It was from Northern part of Thailand blended with some beans from Sumatra also, due to insufficient quantity. Muan Jai blend will donate 5% to villages in Northern Thailand, so it is great!

Anyway, please let me enjoy my coffee for now...

Starbucks Muan Jai Blend

 Nice Cafe

I strongly recommend everyone to try it. All photos took by Xiaomi A2.





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