Mini Marathon

Mae Kuang Dam (เขื่อนแม่กวง) - using iPhone X

On the 27th of October, 2018, I was invited by Le Meridien Chiang Mai's staff to join her team to do Mini Marathon (12kms) for charity event called Run To Give at Mae Kuang Dam. I have to say that it was such a great day, because I have not really joined any marathon at all in my life, apart from Dash-Triathlon from time to time.

The weather was very nice, and scenery were great, however, since I have not been trained for any kind of run before, so I could not do at my best attempt. The plan was to maintain heart rate not to go over 140bpm but in reality, it went up to 170bpm from time to time, and average of over 140bpm.

My personal thought, I think walking (very fast) is good enough for me since my heart rate dropped to around 120bpm at more or less similar pace to when doing run. (8min/km). And I found that cycling is the best for me after all, since after the event I had to stop doing exercise for several day because of muscles pain and etc.

Anyway, please see my summary captured from Strava (via Apple Watch 2) down below. Cheers...

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