Vibram 5 Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers Running Shoes

This is the latest shoes I've purchased from one of my old friend's athlete shop, called "Doctor Sports", Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have always wanted to try this type of shoes since it was first launched many years back, but I have been warned not to use it, because it is not the type of shoes that will fit my feet well.

Everybody has their own shape and not all shoes can fit all. But anyway, since I will not use it for running but rather walking around, and just want something that is light enough with low profile soles so I can feel the earth move.

Yesterday was the first day I really used it, and the result wasn't that great. It will take sometimes to get my walking style and my feet to be harmonised with it.

I should get back to this topic as soon as I got more experience with it. But quick review would be, it is very light, but also very rough. If you are not healthy enough, your feet might not endure very long.

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