Q4 Update

My Personal Q4 Update (October - December 2018)

It has been a while since I last updated my "BLOG" (yes, this website is so called "Blog", and it is my personal space. Please click HERE for more information about this page) I have been extremely busy executing various kind of errands, varied from personal to business, etc. There are some changes or updates that I wish to note here for self-reminder. Note: I will write whatever came first up in my thoughts with no order criteria:

Family: My daughter is now reading her first year at London School of Economics (LSE), after her good results all A* (A stars) in her final year at Bromsgrove School, UK. So I wish her all the best wishes, because her bright career future is awaiting for her. Whilst my per se "SON", whom having been part of my life as much as my biological daughter is now in his 3rd year at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. He also made me proud very much and fulfilled my life in many ways. Best wishes to all of them, leave the hardest work to me. T___T

Car (Mercedes Benz E350e W213): I got a call from Mercedes Benz dealer that my car is being recalled to fix power steering issues, of which I really personally believed that it was a cause from Hybrid Battery malfunction. Yes, my car has been stood still in garage for many months since purchased at the end of November last year (2017). My best advice to anyone who is interested in this model, please skip the Hybrid version. My family also owned another E220d with diesel engine, CBU from Germany (where E350e is CKD in Thailand), it is still in good shape and considered to be far better than E350e we have got. Anyway, I will see what other changes the dealer will do to my car, and will report back shortly. You can also browse HERE for my previous comments about this particular Mercedes, as well as my complaints to Mercedes Benz Thailand.

Cycling: I have been doing cycling regularly, at least once or twice a week, and I am pleased to report that I finally took the challenge to one of the hardest route in Chiang Mai, Thailand and done it completely, which is SAMERNG. And on top of that, we took the harder route than normal by cycling through Hang Dong instead of Mae-Rim. It took me all day to go back and forth for 100km. The hardest part of this route were steepest hills. It was almost 50% in some of area, where I had to push my bicycle instead of rode on it. Anyway, I will definitely go back there again soonest.

Mobile Phone: This is probably one of the biggest change of me ever, as I made no secret for over years that I am Apple Fanboy since Apple ][, and now Mac and iPhone. I never thought that one day I had to use Android as well (not switching, but I had to carry additional Android Handset, which I will write about this phone more very soon), but it was request from my IT department in my corporate that we need to use many of Google Enterprise Services, as well as many 3rd parties applications that we will use were made for Android only, so they decided to drop supports for other kind of platform, including iOS. Anyway, I got myself Android ONE phone, made by Xiaomi, for the sake of unified Android and security. My model is called Mi A2. I have been playing with it for few weeks now and it confirmed my belief that iOS phones are far better still, especially in terms of User Experience. 

Android in general as expected, is pretty much like Windows or PC to me, it doesn't do the job for users, with too many rubbish apps and features those I didn't need. The term "Benevolent Dictatorship" is best fitted here for iOS versus Android's liberalism. 

I don't need junk, and Apple and iOS have done great job for limiting me using only the best features of whatever they thought are best for users. On the other hand, Android and Windows (or so called PC), by giving so much freedom for tweaks but most of time, it ended up in junk, with no taste whatsoever. I regret that within my power I can't veto against the rest of my Enterprise to continue to support iOS for mission critical apps and services for iOS. That is the only reason why I had to get an extra handset using Android, and hate to say that inferiority of Android is far worst than I could have imagined versus iOS.

Anyway, let's leave that for now.

Photography: I have replaced my Leica M262 camera for Leica M10 that I purchased from Japan few months ago. I also have acquired cheap simple lens (50/1.8 version III) to go with my Canon 5Dsr (50MP). But I still found myself using both of iPhone and my Android more that those cameras for convenient. I will try to use more of those professional camera and will share my thoughts in this blog very soon, if time permitted.

Motocycles: I have finally made up my mind to get myself back on the road, by getting some of motorbikes (To be announced laster ;) ) They will be either Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Ducati, Harley Davison, or even Triumph. Let's see what will be best for me for the coming years, but I am biased towards Harley Davidson Soft Tail models, any would be alright. Let's see!

Preferred Holiday: Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand is my favourite place for long long time, and it's getting better. I have been back and forth to between Chiang Mai and Bangkok for more than 40 years (yes, I am older than 40), we have second home here since my mother wanted to teach at Chiang Mai University, but it never happened. Anyway, it is time to move on, and it is my wish now that I can retire in Chiang Mai. I will fly more frequently between Hong Kong (my work place) and Chiang Mai instead of going back to Bangkok. I will definitely post more about Chiang Mai very soon.

Work/Business: As we are now entering Q4 and I tend to be busy at this period until early December of every year, but I am looking forward to see good market conditions as well as good strategies from my team to take all challenges, whatever they are, but I wish not to discuss too much of those in my personal space here (so called BLOG). I will try to write more later. [Last but not least: We only dealt with institutions, not individuals]

Meanwhile I remained,

My everyday environment, Working Hard on Mac with New Android One and a Lager





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