Double Boiled Chicken Soup

Double Boiled Chicken Soup

I just found out that apart from 2 well-known Hainanese chicken rice stalls at Three Kings Monument in Chiang Mai, Thailand, there is another one right at the corner serving much better Hanianese Chicken Rice also.

The stall is called Sirichai. They offered everything better that the 2 aforementioned (Kiat and Krit Ocha, they are brothers but opened separate facilities at the same area), in terms of price, services, taste and more importantly, they got my favourite dish that is called "Double Boiled Chicken Soup".

I thought I had to go to Jia Tong Heng only, a very proper restaurant but quite in expensive and I loved it. However, for my convenient sometimes I wish to just go to streetside stall, and Sirichai never failed my expectation. Anyway, please go and try it for yourself. It is right on the same street with two famous aforementioned. It costs only THB45 (approximately USD1.5). They also offer traditional Northern Noodles called Khao Soi as well, but I have yet not tried it, so I won't go into details.

Note: Photo took with Xiaomi A2.





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