Singaporean Food in Bangkok

Singapore LAKSA with cockles

Recently, I found one of the best Singaporean Authentic home cooked food, i.e. Peranakan and Hawker food in Bangkok. It is called "SAMBALACHA CAFE" (established in 2015), located at AM PARK, Chulalongkorn University Area, near Sam Yan Market. They offer most of common street food in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, such as Laksa, Sambal, Rojak, Nasi Lamak, and etc.

Mr. William Pang (58), or Uncle Pang is the owner and a head chef of the cafe. He is a veteran in hospitality business in Thailand and South East Asia for over 25 years. The reason he opened this cafe is because his mother passed away in 2015, and he missed her very much as well as her cooking style, and he wants to share this to Thai people who loves this kind of food.

I am always very fond of LAKSA, Singaporean style very much, and can have it on daily basis. The taste offered by this cafe is considered to be authentic (Even though I had to ask for extra Chili and Laksa leaves). Mr. Pang flew back and forth to Penang to fetch most of ingredients those can not be found in Thailand. Fresh raw materials are sorted from Sam Yan market, considered to be premium quality but also came with higher price tag.

Mr. William Pang, owner and head chef of Sambalacha Cafe, Bangkok - holding fish head

Today we will try Fish head curry, Assam's style, which is famous in Singapore. Usually the cafe doesn't serve this dish, but because on my special request, so we will have it today for tasting, and will probably make recommendation.

Fish Head, ready to be Fish Head Curry

Curry Sauce Peranakan's Style, with Pineapple.

Almost Ready

Mr. Pang said he was so proud that he could make it to suit my taste

Done, it was as expected, which is very good.

After tasting this great dish, Mr. Pang told me that there were few cuts of pineapples in the curry sauce, as well as pineapple juice, used in making this curry sauce, it implies Peranakan's Style. Because if it was original from Assam, pineapple and juice would not be used.

I love it, because it also reminded me of my mother. She was fond for all Curry dish, especially the sauce similar to this with tomatoes and Okra (Ladies' Fingers). This dish cost Thai Baht 850, but still worth every penny to try. I recommended Mr. Pang to have it on menu and state clearly that it is upon request with pre-order only (1-2 days in advance). Please go and try it for yourself! Enjoy.





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