Shanghai Mansion

Red Rose Bar at Shanghai Mansion Hotel

Shanghai Mansion is one of very few Boutique hotel at this scale in Bangkok's Chinatown. It is built from 2 old buildings, with almost 80% total renovation, left out only some system works such as plumbings, which they planned to replace most of it very soon. It has been opened for many years. From the beginning it had no ground floor lobby access, because owner of building had McDonald's and Top's supermarket occupied on the first floor, where hotel was built up on top of this, from 4th floor onwards.

Once those two outlets moved out, Hotel's owner decided to takeover the whole space and renovated all from ground up. It looks really interesting, as you will see through some of my following photos later in this page. At first, after renovation, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf occupied part of ground floor, but later converted to full bar, i.e. Red Rose Bar as illustrated on the top.

I stop-by there from time to time for beer and music, of which sometimes the music was not so good, but today I wanted to try some of their food as well, which are now served at Red Rose only, instead of the 3rd floor, where Chinese restaurant was up there.

First impression of the menu, I was extremely surprised, because asking price were all more expensive than 5stars hotel's Chinese Restaurants, and the menu's photos looked very familiar. After brief Q&A with attendance, I have learnt that chef was one of the team of famous Thai Chef, and Hong Kong Master, so no wonder why looks and feels were very familiar, but the whole point is whether could he deliver the quality at this kind of price or not?

[PLEASE NOTE: even though I love hotels' food, but their price are much more than luxury hotels' price, and on top of that I also hold loyalty membership of many hotels, which will be much cheaper than this definitely.]

My selection for trying the food for late lunch was Peking Duck with 2 different 2nd courses. At first it looks good, but after carefully inspected, I think it was not. The skin of Peking Duck was burned, and not as crispy as it should have been. For second course, I asked for "Deep-Fried with Garlic, and Lettuce Wrap", none of these dishes were good. I will write more soon.






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