Salt (cured) Beef or Corned Beef

Rueben Sandwich made from Salt Beef (Corned Beef)

Salt (cured) Beef is common food in UK, or so called Corned Beef in the US, according to Wiki it is :

Salt-cured beef or salted beef is beef preserved or cured with salt. Salting, either with dry salt or brine, was a common method of preserving beef until the middle of the 20th century, becoming less popular after the advent of refrigeration. It was frequently called "junk" or "salt horse".  

Salt inhibits the growth of microorganisms by drawing water out of microbial cells through osmosis. Concentrations of salt up to 20% are required to kill most species of unwanted bacteria. Smoking, often used in the process of curing meat, adds chemicals to the surface of meat that reduce the concentration of salt required.

When I was at Boarding School in Western Australia, we had this dish for dinner at least once or twice a month, then when I went to U.K. for university, from time to time, I could have it somewhere in London (it seems common but in reality, not every place can offer good dish). And recently, a friend asked me to taste one of his own version of Salt Beef, so is time, I asked a friend and family to carry one back from the U.K.

I wanted to write more but everything I wanted to say was found in following article: Things you probably didn't know about Beigel Bake. A very good story cover everything about London's best Salt Beef. Please enjoy...





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