JIA TONG HENG - เจียท้งเฮง

Peking Duck, Jia Tong Heng - Fa Ham branch 2

This is one of the best Value For Money Chinese Restaurant in Thailand. Jia Tong Heng has long history to be one of the best for many years in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. I love most of dishes, IF AND ONLY IF, the right chef is doing proper job at the right time. Consistency seems to be very good, apart from few times that I went there at the wrong time, and the 2nd or 3rd assistant cooked the food not in a proper way.

Jia Tong Heng has 2 branches, one nearby Anantara Chiang Mai, and another one on the super highway next to Central Festival. It is family owned business, and now run by 2 brothers. Elder one opened up the 2nd restaurant with massive investments in it, while the first older branch has recently been renovated by the younger brother and his wife. Both places use almost the same recipe apart from Fish Maw soup. I preferred the original one over the newer one.

Peking Duck has Syrup sauce which I don't think it is good, because it is too sweet with less body in the sauce. Black sweet sauce should be used like most of other place.

Pricewise it is very good! Can't even complain about that, because it is very fair and service were always at best. I will post more photos later.

2nd Branch looks great!





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