Indian night at Rang Mahal

Indian at Rang Mahal

Ramadan is coming, so one old friend and I decided to host one of our Doctor friend who is Muslim to celebrate before fasting begin in few days. He is Indian Thai Muslim, and he chose Rang Mahal, well known Authentic Indian restaurant located at Rembrandt Hotel, Bangkok.

Not many Thai enjoy Indian Food, apart from Indian-Thai family or Thai who went to study abroad, especially in the U.K. For my case, my grandmother and my mother taught me how enjoy Indian since when I was very young. And when I went to U.K., I was regular customer to Indian restaurant nearby my U.K. Residence, because it was cheaper than Chinese orThai food, and I missed rice and curry very much, so I found Indian as the best alternative. So three of us are quite different from the rest of regular Thai, and once in a while we would gather at different places for Indian exotic food.

Doctor friend himself is Indian-Thai, and he knew all about dishes, and places, so we entrusted him to choose would like to have, and Rang Mahal was his first and only choice before entering Ramadan period. He also recommended most of dishes apart from 2 that another friend and I chose one each. 

I shall write and post more about this soon, meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about Rang Mahal and related information, please CLICK HERE. 





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