Hot Salted Beef

Hot Salted Beef or so called Corned Beef

I had hell of days and weeks for sometimes already, and was very exhausted, but then a friend, French Chef called me just at the right time when I had approximately 45 mins for lunch today to taste several kind of Salted Beef, using recipe from one of famous Jewish deli in the U.K. But it is not the same because Sodium Nitrate Salt is next to impossible to get, due to limited supplies and conditions. (Need to carry License to obtain it, because Sodium Nitrate can be used to assemble Bomb.

Nevertheless, it is as good as it could be with limited supplies of ingredient. Here are some photos of it, please enjoy.

Nice Flowers Decoration (Using iPhone 7 Plus)

Thin Slice, still not to my preferred way of serving

Thicker Slice, but still not to my preferred taste

Best way to serve, but the meat itself were not exactly the same to those in London

A friend of my family will have to host his guests, all U.K. Alumni on the 26th of May and asked me to get real one from London. So this post will be updated soon after we get comparison.

Thank you very much -EOL-




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