Great Post re: King Rama VIII and IX

King Rama IX spent most of his youth in Switzerland

This is one of the greatest photo journal posted by User Called "ลุงหมอขอพักร้อน" in, here is the LINK.

He used one of photo journal book called "ยุวกษัตริย์" written by Previous King Rama VIII and Rama IX's eldest sister, Galyani Vadhana, Princess of Naradhiwas, as a base for his own latest Photo Journal. He visited all places found in the book, and took photos then edited both new and older photos of Young King Rama VIII, and King Rama IX, blended into one photo. Most of readers are very happy, because Thai people missed all of His/Her Royal Highness very much. Thailand is still under mourning period now for the late Kind Rama IX, and this is kind of healer for our soul to see nice photo journal like this.

Thank you very much to the author for spending time, money and all efforts to put all these up together for all of us. The author can also be reached in FACEBOOK. It would be nice to drop him thank you note. Cheers!





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