Altra Running Shoes

I bought 2 of them in 2 Colours, called Impulse

I met an athlete, and sport science graduate, i.e. Doctor Sport today, and he introduced me to these shoes, called Altra Running. But before choosing shoes, he suggested me to check my type of foot (like in Singapore), and as expected, mine is not normal, rather flat and wide. Only few kind of shoes will suit me, and this is one kind of it.

Impulse is very attractive model, and very comfortable and extremely light to just walk in my case. Altra Running developed by serious runner (family), who can not find any brand to make comfortable shoes for their serious running habit, so I believe it is the best way to follow their root as well, because I found Nike Air Max is not comfortable or even Asics or Mizuno are not my type shoes, not to mention Adidas.

I plan to get more very soon, because I am serious walker, and usually need more than pair of shoes per year.





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