19 May 2010 - 7 years today

My Mother played piano on 18 May 2010, at Thai Ambassador's Residence in London

Today marked 7 years of chaos happened in Bangkok. Thai Red Shirts burned Central World, after their leaders dissolved the political rally that damaged the whole Thailand. I will not say much about what, and how it happened, but just remembered where I was 7 years ago, and with whom at that time.

Mom and I made our last final trip to U.K. together in May 2010, because she suffered from recurring cancer, and even though she looked great and healthy, she knew her time was coming. She always loved U.K. and considered it to be her 2nd home. She flew there more than 50 times for both personal and work visit. So she asked me to go with her for the last time.

During that time, Thailand, especially in Bangkok, Red Shirts took over many spots, blocked roads, closed hospitals, and etc. They were very cruel, armed with military weapons, and etc. I hate them very much, but this referred to their leaders only, who lured grassroots citizen to support them for their own personal benefits, but using "Democracy" as a slogan to trigger everything.

Anyway, mom and I stayed at Thai Ambassador Residence in London because we could not fly back to Bangkok, due to Volcano Ashes, which lead to Airport closure. We stuck there for many days, and observed political turmoil from afar. As soon as they started the fire, mom and I decided we must catch the first available flight back to Bangkok.

We got Thai airways flight, on that night, and when we arrived in Bangkok, we still saw lot of smokes everywhere from long distance, i.e., expressway. I will stop here, because if I go too deep, I will probably can not control my emotions anymore.

Please enjoy photos from Thai Ambassador's Residence in London.

Front Gate [May 2010]

Indoor Pool, connecting 2 building together, at Lower Ground Floor [May 2010]

Thai Garuda Symbol, stands for Official Thai Government [May 2010]

I will try to post more photos later.





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