Wang Jia Sha, Bangkok

Duck in Soy Sauce

Wang Jia Sha is well known for being a very authentic Shanghai restaurant since it was started originally in Shanghai in 1945, then in 2002, it expanded to Hong Kong, and then now in Bangkok 2017. It is located at Siam Paragon, ground floor, nearby Siam Kempinski's exit.

I will have to say that I did not expect it was going to be great or something, because in Asia, there are several chain Shanghai restaurants already, and I did not expect it was going to be different in any way. However, I was surprised especially by quality of services, price, and tastes, they are all better than the rest of other chain that I have tried.

Starting with Services, the restaurant manager came from M.K. group, which is famous for their efficiency and good taste Hot Pot in Thailand, and throughout Asia. He knew how to treat his customers very well, and willing to spend time with customers to give as much as information we will need for food selection, and services. When he was not available, he directed another assistant to do the same job. She was well trained from another fusion chain restaurant called Greyhound, and her services were second to none. She was very knowledgable, even for small details such as how to hold Xiao Long Bao properly. [Many might not know that you have to use Chopstick to hold the top tip of the Bao, otherwise It will be broken, and the soup would came out, and wasted.

And I have to mention here, they served 4 kind of Tea, instead of just one kind which found commonly in even Chinese Restaurant in Hotels, so customer can have their preferred choice in one of four for sure. They also gave X.O. sauce for free of charge, whilst most of other restaurant would charge this in some way.

Food taste, they are as good as Shanghai food could be, I have not tried them all yet, but will try again soon to gather more information before any conclusion, but so far, they were all good. The Head Chef in Bangkok is Thai, but he had a lot of experience with Wang Jia Sha in Hong Kong before he was assigned to oversees operation in Thailand. I would say they are as good as in Hong Kong.

Anyway, please enjoy photos.

Wang Jia Sha's Logo. They same one they used in Hong Kong

Specious Environment, Private Rooms are available for free at minimum order

Green Peas Shanghai Style

Szechuan Soup

Xiao Long Bao [Waitress Taught us to Hold the top of Bao, so it would not break]

Kind of Tofu, was too sweet for me.

Crispy Fish

Spring Onion Pancakes to go with Mapo Tofu

Anyway, I will come back and update more if I will try other seafood dishes there. Thanks.





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