Beer Bar - Pi Jiu

Pi Jiu Beer Bar in Soi Nana, Chinatown

I found this beer bar hidden in the middle of Na Na Street, in Bangkok's Chinatown.

Please note: Na Na is family name of extremely rich Thai Indian family. There are 2 streets name after their family name, this is the one in Chinatown, and another one is Sukhumvit Soi 3, please don't mix up.

This bar serves crafted beers, with all varieties, as well as Chinese Cold Cut, such as duck breast.

The owner is a young gentleman who loves photography, especially Leica and crafted beer. All photographer can get discount if you will bring your Leica there. He went to do Master Degree in China, and know Chinese very well.

Please browse through the page to see some photos took by my iPhone 7 Plus.

View from entrance

View from entrance, I rode there and that's why I found this place by chance

Varieties of Crafted Beer

Assorted Chinese Cold Cut, Smoked Duck Breast and Prawn Crackers

Chinese Style Decoration

All in all I had great time there with owner himself. The place looks nice with Chinese Decoration recently redone all, including electricity, water pipes, bathroom, and so on, because the bar itself is in Chino-Portugese old building, over hundred years. Also got good sound system and music to entertain. Please try it yourself.





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