FiiO X5 3rd Generation

FiiO X5 3rd Generation, updating Kernel

I have just purchased this FiiO X5 3rd Generation Multimedia Player equipped with Hi-Resolution Audio. It is better than using iPod or iPhone to play multimedia. The price is around SG$800 from a shop in Thailand, located at MBK Shopping Centre, 5th floor.

Owners of the shop are 2 brothers who is in love with Audio for long time. Apart from FiiO, they also carry a lot of headphones and DJ equipment. They were kind enough to spend time with me whole day to explain what I should get, not to go over my budget and best fitted for my purpose.

I need high quality multimedia audio player to replace my old iPod Classic, and this is the best I could get for my budget. FiiO is Chinese company who attempt to offer serious quality at reasonable price. It is more expensive than the iPod for sure, but equipped with better sound chip, and etc.

Few drawback I found are Android itself, I do not like it. My preferred OS would be iOS but I can not get both at the same time. And another issue I found was the charging time, longer than 6 hours to full charged. Last but not least, the temperature seems to be very hot when used it, so even though the size is small, but still feel comfortable to wear it with such heating condition.

But for now, I am settled with it, unless there will be next good product to be launched in coming years, then I will seriously thinking about replacing it. My score for it is 7 out of 10.





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