Le Du Restaurant And Wine Bar

Le Du Restautant & Wine Bar

Le Du is one of few places in South East Asia that offered one of the kind of Original Creation, per se Fusion by the Head Chef, who often are owners of their own place. This place is located in Silom District, which is Bangkok's Wallstreet in the past. [Bangkok has grown rapidly since the past decades, all banking and financial institutions are scattered now].

Le Du food are based on Thai, with Head Chef's creation to bring out greatest flavour and presentation styles. Le Du also offered varieties of drinks with recommendation from Head Chef to pair with Food as well, I do not remember exactly how many courses were there, but at least 7 certainly. All food are based on available ingredients for particular season in Thailand. The kitchen is fully equipped and fill in with many member staffs, with windows see through so customers can enjoy the view and see how they prepare the food.

I was introduced to this restaurant by a friend who is connoisseur, so I already expect how good it was going to be. But one note I will have to make here is that, it is too similar to one of well-known restaurant in Singapore, i.e. Restaurant André by Chef André Chiang [LINK] Even some of the dish which made from Rice and Squid Ink are exactly the same. I also asked Chef Ton (Head Chef and owner of Le Du) about this, but he did not give me clear answer, only that I heard of Chef André Chiang before. But even though how similar it is, Le Du and Restaurant André offered different kind of food, where Le Du offered mostly Thai, and menu changed at least 3-4 times per year, based on ingredients, whilst Restaurant André offered exactly the same food for many years, with refiner touch each time I visited. Also I felt that Le Du lost final touch on almost everything, including surroundings, cost of setup, Chinaware, Cutleries, Glasses, food, Choice of Wine and/or Liquors etc. So I would say Restaurant André are by far much better in everyway.

Anyway, I will post some example dishes here, some I have already tried before but others are new for this particular season (Winter).

The Setup

Starter, I can not remembered what they were

I was told this is Barracuda 

This is the Problem Dish that I think it is almost exactly the same to Restaurant André 

Pad Thai Le Du's Style

Ok, the drink may matched the dish, but they are not as special [inferior than other places]

Um.. forgot again, but this one was good

This one was good, even though quality of Beef could be better

I have respect for Head Chef and Owner of Le Du, because based on typical ingredients, nothing special in any way, but he can create good taste out of it, not to mention his presentation were very good. I will wait and see if he can offer better food if better quality of raw materials were used instead of what he used now. 

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