Thailand's 2015 Constitution Drafting Roadmap (EDITED)

Should I be worried about what happened few days ago in regarding to Thai Constitution Draft has been rejected? I don't think so, even though after editing this Roadmap flowchart obtained from Citizen Forum I do not really care, but just want to point out something here.

I am sure that not many can detect this "INFINITE LOOP" which might really happen.

If it will happen, then our beloved P.M. Prayuth, and NCPO will remain in power forever. I do not mind that, but not so sure about liberals, etc. can stand this or not. That's it for now. In simple word, either Thai citizen will say "YES" (accepting new draft) or we will not have constitution at all, which also implied to election and so on.

PS. I found it very amusing to see some of self-proclaimed to be liberal helped direct/indirectly to reject this draft, which means Thai election will be delayed (almost indefinite)... and what if Global Economy will pick up speed from now on, and Thai economy will be much better, with better environment in peace, order, and harmony, then we can all forget about democracy and election? If that will happen, then you can count me in!

PPS. As suggested by Suriyasai, we have seen Roadmap of Constitution Drafting (more than 1) but we have seen absolutely nothing regarding to Roadmap of Reform (political). I hope that message reached NCPO well.

PPPS. Straight after sending this message to some of my colleague, some kindly pointed out that Dr. Visanu Kruengarm suggested new Roadmap of Constitution Drafting, which will not pose infinite loop problem, by amending temporary constitution 2014 which will make next possible election date set to be 2 years from now, whilst UDD (United Front for Democracy Against Dictorship, i.e. Red Shirts) said they want it sooner. I think this will lead to worse problem. (Source: Springnews)

Please find Thai version here from source at Citizen Forum




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