Hypocrisies of Thai Liberalism

Please Note: Excerpt rewrote from 20 Hypocrisies of Liberalism by John Hawkins.

Being hypocritical is part of human beings, however, Thai liberals™ have taken this concept to stunning extremes. The entire liberal belief and process system, from head to toes, is a series of logical fallacy, bottlenecks, and jaw-dropping contradictions.

To be a politically active Thai liberal is to be a person whose life is steeped in hypocrisy from the time he woke up until the time he tugged in bed, and that's despite the fact that many liberals take morally abhorrent positions just so they can not be called hypocrites if they ever get caught doing something degenerated.

Remark: Not every Thai liberal™ is guilty of all hypocrisies listed below, and conservatives can also be contradictory too. So please kindly do not attack me for not listing them here, but keep in your mind that I do acknowledge the opposites.

I believed THAI Liberals™ believe that:
  1. ...It is impossible to come to any sort of reasonable compromise with conservatives on anything, but that we can fix our problems with Thai Hardcore Armed Redshirts by just sitting down and talking things out.
  2. ...They are the most compassionate people in society. Yet, in study after study, you will find that conservatives gave more to charity than liberals.
  3. ...They are not racist despite the fact that they consistently support class warfare claimed themselves to be "POOR" against conservatives who often referred to "RICH"
  4. ...We all must dramatically reduce our carbon footprint to save the planet so candlelight celebration for important figures' birthday are unnecessary, whilst Liberals can always light their candles, handout leaflets whenever they wanted to.
  5. ...They are only people who really look out for woman, but they strongly support sexual predators like one of Thai ex-PM and they regularly hurl grotesque sexist insults at conservatives' role model who do not align with liberals.
  6. ....They are the ones who really care about education for the poor; yet time and time again, they support policies that hurt grassroots by their political allies.
  7. ...Running deficits are bad! After all, Liberals ceaselessly took credit for the budget being balanced during ex-PM, Dr. T by refinanced (paid off IMF's loan, by getting loan from alternative source), and attacked Conservative Party when loans were needed for infrastructure projects. 
  8. ...University Campuses are supposed to be places of learning and intellectual openness, but they approve of conservative speakers being attacked and shouted down.
  9. ...They are LGBT-friendly even as they work to out oppositions (who are known to be LGBT) and they often accuse conservative they hate the most of secretly being LGBT.
  10. ...They are the ones who are champions of FREE SPEECHbut liberals want to silence their rivals by claiming their RIGHTS NOT TO LISTEN. (disengage from conversation, and banned oppositions completely)
  11. ...They are the ones who really want to stick to the Constitution. Yet, liberals often attacked laws/regulations, and made their own a "living Constitution", which is nothing more in practice than substituting their personal opinion and more than once, they have high tendency of breaking laws.
  12. ...It was terrible for military government to detain liberals and their allies, who were suspected of terrorism, or initiated chaos in Thai society, but it was okay when M-79 were shot at conservatives, or peaceful environment might be disrupted by their comments.
  13. ...They are courageous for speaking out against conservatives, but when the time comes to speak out against bad/corrupt policies like rice pledging scheme (by party that liberals supported), they are terrified into silence.
  14. ...They are pleased to see Western powers attacking Thai on certain issues, but silently hid themselves in nowhere when those countries may have done worse.
  15. ...It is righteous thing to do to maintain multiple standards as long as liberals or allies gain something from it.




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