Leica R8

This camera is one of my dream camera since released (1996), but at that time, I was not into photography that much, and for economical reason, this camera was far too expensive to get hold of one.

But Finally I found a good body and lens to accommodate with it at reasonable price. So this time I will not hesitate to spend extras to fulfil my photography dream.

It costed 10 times less than when it was first launch (but I will definitely ask for more discount) with immaculate condition. I took it out for a roll of B/W but not yet developed to see how it feels on its usability. One major different is the focus system. It is quite different and I found it more difficult that M-System. The focus point is very small, and made it hard for me to operate it well, especially with motion. However, given time, it is possible to re-train my eyes for it.

More Specs from PHOTO.net, WIKI, and I will try to post more details of it soon.




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