What type of Cancer?

Laboratory Result
It is written as follows:

"Clinical summary: Perihepatic lymph node, underwent EUS-FNA biopsy. Underlying CA vagina and CA cervix, intraabdominal lymph node is manifested

Specimen: Ten smeared slides are received. (A-J)

Microscopic examination: There are malignant cells in clusters. Squamous cells with oraginophilic cytoplasm (figure) are identified.

Diagnosis: Compatible with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma."

2. Body PET/CT
As Laboratory results came out for my family member this morning (16/07/2009), we are now still puzzle of how to give her proper treatment. According to my friend (M.D. on other things) who kindly read the PET/CT report without noticing the Lab result from EUS/FNA, he mentioned :
"From the PET/CT study it shows that the disease seems to spread to many groups of lymph node; supraclavicular on the left, chest, retroperitoneal part  near the great Aorta and in the pelvis."

"The lymph nodes in the pelvis are largest with the size of around 1.3 cm and nodes near Aorta are a little bit smaller 1.2 cm. Unfortunately, the size of node on supraclavicular is too small to be accessed surgically (0.6 cm.). If this node were larger than 1 cm., then it must be a proper site to get tissue sample for diagnosis and treatment plan, with no need to do EUS."

"From the whole picture, we have to conclude that your family member has rather advanced stage of cancer. Before I receive your last mail I did hope that  the pathological reading might reveal that it were not the process of cancer but from something else that might mimic this dissemination to lymph nodes (such as tuberculosis or melliodosis or else)."

"Now that the pathology confirm that it is cancer, the treatment will be of that we have anticipated (chemotherapy  with optional radiation to few specific sites)."

This is sad to all of us, but we will try to overcome it, and handle it with best care.

3.1 PET/CT

3.11 PET/CT

3.20 PET/CT

3.29 PET/CT




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