Life after iPhone 3.0

iPhone 3.0

It has been almost one month after Apple release iPhone 3.0 OS. I have to say that my life will never be the same again. In fact, it has always been this way everytime Apple release something new, but iPhone 3.0 in particular really change the way I work.

Some credits may also be given to 3rd party service providers such as Google, and other independent developers for iPhone AppStore to make things work (almost) perfect. Of course, the biggest credit is going to Apple, as they know exactly what is User - Experience means... (the best experience ever!)

my iPhone most frequently used Applications

With iPhone 3.0 equips with M$ Exchange, Push notifications, Some great built-in Apps such as Voice Memos (Recorder), and Compass (on 3GS), and a giant step improvement on MobileMe, this is more than word I could describe how good it is but simply say in one short : "Just Work!" <- this simple and humble description should not be misunderstanding ... "Just work" is a dying to have concept for every vendor but Apple comes up with the best!

Later on, if time permit, I'll write more on each aspects about iPhone 3.0, however there are many nice place in the net which you could either Google or Bing or Wolf around to see what they are......

Meanwhile, I remain

Push Notification Settings

Voice Recorder




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