How do I work?

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Some friends of mine ask me to reveal who do I work? In fact the question was "how do you keep up with multiple tasks within a day?" The answer is very simple, it is because, I do take work seriously, and do not compromise on anything, so I will make sure that it is done, before I would turn my focus on other things. Everything is possible (works accomplished) for me because of Apple and invention of Internet, and no, I am not doing any free advertising for Apple here, but it is simply facts! (non-fictions) So I think it is about time to reveal how I did it, and it will not be "What" have I accomplished. (Please take your time browse through "About Me" page to find out more of those "What, When, Where..." you will see "How" here)

Work, and Play... (iLife?)

When I am at work, apart from meeting outside, or travel, what I do most is spending most of time reading, writing, reviewing, browsing for information in front of computer(s), and plural form of computer(s) means most of time, I need more than one screen. I would say those activities kept me busy all day for at least 14 hours per day. And Whenever I am free, I would take my leisure time browsing around internet for Political News, Humours, Scorings, FaceBook, and "NO GAMES". Those are things I always do every now and then for at least 8 years. I still enjoy doing that, and will feel out of pace if I stop.

Most of those activities are done on either my MacBook Pro, or iMac. Mac Pro has been removed from my workplace for sometime already since I never need such powerful computer, or in other words, MacBook Pro, and iMac are very powerful enough for me. And When I am away, iPhone is another device that I could not possible live without it, and it really sufficient for me to keep in touch with those around the world that I have to work against different time zones. Application such as Mail, Safari, Fring, FaceBook, and SMS are my most frequently used on daily basis, even when I am at residential, or away from my Work Table. (And for your information, I could not possibly sit down on some small table scrambling with everything. My work environment, I mean SPACE, would have to be open wide, and well organised! I am very easy to be distracted from environment, and I take it seriously! I also recommend all of you to do the same)

Internet + Apple

For at least 8 years that I converted back to Apple. For Your information, I could claim that I was Apple Fan since the beginning, with Apple IIe.





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"I DON'T TWEET" - QUOTED FROM KIMI RAIKKONEN, my all time favourite F1 driver

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