Something I've learned for the past few days...

Joomla! Example

For several weeks now, that I had and still have to do some labour work on programming. It is not entirely hard-coding, but rather understanding, adapt and modify some codes to suit my needs on Joomla! platform. Joomla!is a Freeware CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP, and Database (in most case, MySQL). I think I have mentioned it somewhere within my blog of what CMS is, and what are Joomla!'s features.

From recently experience I had to build 3 different Websites based on Joomla! and all of them are done "Free" by me, as I want to learn it, and nothing is better than making my result Live, and valuable for someone, somewhere. Three of them have different kind of characteristics, i.e., News Portal, Corporate Information, and Personal Site.

The most difficult site that I had to tackle, and would be the only one worth mentioned here is the News Portal site. I would love to show you what it is, but since this site is a kind of Political Propaganda (or criticism) so I think it is not so good to mentioned the name. I also did not want any "Credit" from the site anyway.

And I want to talk about this site here, of how I build it, with what components, and if there is anything related, I will jot down here.

Let's start with some bullet points of the features (Modules, Components, and etc. here)

1. Application Server (CMS): Joomla! 1.5

2. Database: MySQL 5

3. PHP Version: 5

4. Operating System: FreeBSD 6

5. Web Server: Apache 2

Things that I've learned:

- The site is in "Thai" which work perfectly with Joomla! 1.5 "UTF-8" There are something I want to drop here because I got some error on Template Modification.

The templateDetails.xml must be save in UTF-8 mode... I am using the Taco HTML Edit

- Some New Module which is freely available might not work well with Thai, so some hard coding are needed such as "Word" Cutting.

- So many things, which I could not put into my words yet, but will surely do as soon as I could think of how to write this...




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