Hunting for Advance Payment Bond?

AP Bond

Very sorry for my absence, and not publishing any good information for sometime, as I have been engaged with other works for several days. At the moment (at least until coming Friday), I would have rather relaxing time, reading, and researching of what to do next with my other business.

Coming next week, I will have big meeting to conclude some deals that would happen by the end of this month. 

Together attached, it is the whole meeting concept, and what we will talk about there. It is a simple Diagram illustrated the relationship between Bank/Sponsor/Client and J/V Partner (Joint-Venture). It is pretty well described, so I guess, I don't need to go deep down into that.

The expectation from the meeting would be to guarantee the AP or in other words Advance Payment Bond, from my potential partner, which is a big construction company in "..." <- You may fill blank...

We are moving opposed to the trends, but in fact, that isn't correct way to describe it, as our client happened to be some "Government", so it should be in one of the best way of project guarantee.

That's all I could say for now, as everything is very Private & Confidential, and also I didn't want to go too deep of what I do at works, and what I write here.

Thank you very much for following my journal. There will be more details published later in the related party website soon.




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