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Go Daddy!

Oh... well, today is actually another personal notes of mine, which you may take a look if you ever run into this problem.

As mentioned previously, I did a favour to one of my friend by building a personal site for her. It turns out to be quite a challenge for me, as I have to work within "Limited" resource environment, where I usually perform better under "Unlimited" one.

But it is worth to try, and finally, I accomplished, and obviously, it was interesting and killing my weekends, instead of baby-sitting...

1. Hosting

The choice of hosting that my friend use is quite impressive package from Godaddy. It is:
Economy Hosting - Linux - 2 years
10 MySQL Database
Hosting Configuration 2.0 where owner could do more
PHP 5.x (and optional 4)
300,000 MB Bandwidth
10,000 MB Disk space

Trouble that I have in it because I choose to make the site "Multi-Lingual" since my friend is very academic, and I am sure in the near future, she will write more articles in other languages that she may know, apart from Thai that regularly circulated Magazine, Newspaper, Academic Paper, and NGOs. The component I choose to use for her is Joomfish. The trouble is when I upgrade to version 2.02 (Joomfish) it requires PHP version 5.x, where from System information from Joomla! said the current PHP version is 4.x.x

This is trouble, as I did try to change everything in according to requirement, but no 'CHANGE' effected. Until an "Hour" later, after I try to look around for solution, it suddenly changed from PHP 4.x to PHP 5.x ?

Later on I found out that most of changes made to Godaddy would not changed immediately, as it has its own caching system which require sometime up to 24 hours.

There is an interesting notes found from Joomla! Discussions

Read this post completely before posting about issues on Godaddy (for Joomla! 1.5)

If you run into another issue & fix that GoDaddy shared linux hosting users should know about, please let us know. (Just because you had an issue and you host with GoDaddy does not mean you should post here)


Before getting into anything, you must be made aware of the fact that new .htaccess files ARE NOT IMMEDIATELY PROCESSED. It can take up to 60 minutes before these changes actually take effect on GoDaddy. This is straight from their FAQ:

Changes made to an existing .htaccess file will be seen immediately. When a new .htaccess file is created or an existing .htaccess file is deleted, however, these changes will not be seen until the htaccess cache is cleared. This occurs every hour.

Shared linux hosting accounts process .php files with PHP4 by default. This can cause problems with linkable titles and read more links, as well as several items. To fix it, you need to add a handler to the top of your .htaccess file for PHP5 (and wait for it to be processed) like the following two lines:

AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php
AddHandler x-httpd-php .php4


The default GMail Authentication plugin does not work with GoDaddy. The issue has to do with using another proxy to make the https request from a shared hosting account. Hopefully this will get tweaked in Joomla before the final release, but for now there is a third party plugin which implements a fix available here: ... Itemid,35/


You must uncomment the "RewriteBase /" line in the .htaccess file and allow time for the change to be processed. Then, once the SEF options are turned on, it should work fine. (Remember to clear local caches before thinking you've got an error)
That's the thought about it, and I just want to drop this down to remind me and my other colleagues who is working on this field.





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