Everything but nothing

Hua Hin

For the past few days, I have been quite inert, in terms of inactive or overactive about everything but nothing. There seems much to do everyday, but I just couldn't make prority out of it. The it ends up in mess, and time wasting. So this entry would describe briefly of what I should accomplish for the rest of this month (at least, and this is good start)

1. Wrapping up the business plan I owed to several parties, and verify with those whether they are still interested or not. Name of those parties will not be disclosed here as I am under NDAs.

Those would include:

A) Digital media, plan for 2009-2010 (yes, I have not rolled out anything yet, because of the market fluctuation)

B) Computer company which is now not just a "Computer" company;

C) Other business opportunities which may comes... I will have to look around of how to win over this crisis.

2. Daily Schedule for my personal life, and this is also crucial, as I have to balance my works and plays in a more appropriate way. I could say that I did wasted time dedicated to Computing for several hours / day, interact with noone (I had to focus) apart from work colleagues, but no personal life at all...

- Family, namely my daughter, I should spend more time with her whenever possible.

- Sports would also be included in this point.

- Arts, Movies, and Music, yes I should look back into this.


I think aforementioned should keep me busy thinking, and execute it for at least until the end of this month. Progress should be update, once I got hold of project plan.

Small words for tool to assist my life would obviously including MacBook Pro, iWork09, and may be Micro$oft Office 2008.

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