Nothing Special just another day

Congratulation? ummm.... not quite...

Messy Screen

Today, Things went quite slow for me, as I am on travel mode, but also got some private time sneaking out from the trip. I will not say where it is, but I could guarantee you that this is one of the best city on earth for me.

For the rest of whole days, I switched off all kind of communication apart from Internet, which I barely looking at anything interesting.

One of the biggest news today, is Barrack Hussein Obama finally inaugurated, and I missed everything from the beginning till then end, and really could not be bother to watch re-run again. It is just another day for me, doing some unusual things, which is coding on something "I don't get paid" but in anyway, I would like to send Barrack Obama best wishes, and look forward for another potentially great president of USA.

Getting Pay, how?

Most of time, whatever I do, I would make sure that there will be some compensation, but for this hobby project (but really one of the biggest hit in Thailand) I volunteer on coding, design, maintain one of the most popular gossip news portal. It is classified, as contents of website are very controversial, and it could backfired to me, if somebody knows what it is.

To give you hint, it is nothing secret, as if you search to some kind of free service on the web to see what Domain name I am sharing on... or even check the IP of my domain to match other shared domain.

Why do I have to do it?

It is simple, as this is one of the most fantastic way to learn things and get my hands dirty. And I happen to choose some kind of CMS already mentioned in previous blog entry. I will go into details of how I did it including Hacked, Re-Coding, Programming, Test, Trials and Errors, Debugs, and etc.

For the time being, I don't really know what I am going to write here, just want to jot down something to keep record of what I have done today after 2 days missing.

God Bless you, America, and the rest of the world, may the Lord and Peace be with you always!




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