New Site Design - General Planning

Today (yesterday actually) I decide to change the site design to make it looks cleaner, more elegant, and match the corporate website (I REINVENT). The design is taken from Ori Pearl's Corporate Theme which could be found from WordPress actual website.

There are still much to learn in WordPress, as I have not really used it before. But it is simple enough for me to deal with it so far. With great Back End, and many freely available online documentation from WordPress site, and from other user's sites.

I suggest everyone to start blogging now, as it is great place to keep record of your time as well as sharing great wealth of pool of knowledge. For the time being, I am rather slow, as there are so many things I have to take care first in order for me to clear up my mind, and start sitting down "Planning" how I want my blog to be.

WordPress Old Theme (Old Blog)

Initially, I just want to put everything the came up into my mind into words, but after really having a thought, it is a little too complicate to even find where to begins. But I made promise to myself that this would be regular blogging, and should include most of things that I intended to do.

Within my plan this blogging should include:
  • Computer Science stuffs such as Programming, Application Review, Technical documentation;
  • Business such as general business plan (mine, and others), market trends, market data, etc...;
  • Politics, and yes I am in love of Politics;
  • Arts and Poetry, which I have not really spoken about it yet;
  • Technology, which is not necessary to be just gadgets/widgets things, but should include all kind of things that came across my view (during any particular period of time)
For sure, those aforementioned, would keep me busy every now and then.

There is good advise to me on how to start blogging from a colleague of mine, which is "Start Writing About something around yourself" <- and yes, I understand it straightaway, as it is the best things to write about something I know, rather than something I don't.

Later within this entry, I will give some more information about thing I supposed to jot down here, which is "New Site Design" and some WordPress Technical background behind it. Meanwhile, let me think about how I should start.




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