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Google, IBM, Intel, Micro$oft Job cuts

According to latest news from Appleinsider, some of the biggest company in IT industry including Microsoft, IBM ,Intel, Sony, and Google will lay off their employees to lower cost and survive form current economy condition.

Microsoft downsizes 5,000 jobs

5,000 jobs will be cut over the next 18 months, starting with 1,400 today.

According to Appleinsider, this is the first major layoffs in the company's over 30 years history, and it comes after series of bad quarter where the revenue grew just 2 percent year-over-year. It also reported 8 percent loss in the client division that handles its Office, and Windows software.

"Up to" 5,000 positions including research and development, marketing, sales, finance, legal, and corporate affairs, human resources, and the information technology departments, according to the memo by Chief Executive Steve Ballmer.

IBM = 16,000!

According to Union Workforce's website (IBM) flooded with comments form workers who say they were the victims, and one interesting comment came from Alliance@IBM is predicting up to 16,000 job cuts.

Intel cuts 5,000 and closes 5 plants

Intel has announced 5,000 job cuts as well as closures of five plants using older manufacturing processes than the 45 nanometer technique used for nearly all of its current line-up. Intel is expected to report its first quarterly loss in 22 years.

Sony closes 2 factories, and cuts 2,000 jobs

2 Television factories will be closed and 2,000 jobs will be cut in Japan based on both a poor economy and a very strong yen, which make higher cost of making its electronics relative to the prices for the good sold abroad.

Google cuts just 100

100 elimination announced by Google last week. This job cuts reason for a slowdown rather than a reduction of its total workforce.

"Google is still hiring but at a reduced rate" - Quoted from Company's Official Blog




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