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This one will be very short, but just to make my blog filled in with what I have done... I just want to drop some notes here regarding my recent leisure activities. I have compromised my time building 2 of the web portals for 2 good friends. Nothing more or less, since it was within my capacity. I am not a designer, nor expert in Coding but I happened to be well-equipped enough to accomplish this task in less minutes, and seconds than others.

Why so Simple?

Because of Freely available information floating around internet made it possible, as well as great Freeware, and Community, where you (and I) could find all kind of resources you need to do so. Google is the good place to start looking around for what you need, and for your information, I have not been using other Search Engine anymore since the launch of Google.

Why CMS? (Why Joomla! ?)

I choose to use Joomla! for both web portals. (or any other portals). CMS is very important now for business, and personal. In fact, the only reason why I am using WordPress for my Blogs, is because I want to try some new things, and it suited my needs. But for other Portal which required more controlled of contents I would always recommend Joomla!. Joomla isn't perfect or the best if you want to argue into that, but it is the best for all, as it compromised to programmers, web designers, users, editors, and so on. People with different skill can till make the web possible within few minutes.

Joomla! has large pool of resources, and it is considered to be the "Best For All" for many years, due to its claim at its official site. Including Installation time, and editing it would not take longer than a day providing that you already have "Contents" made available. I will give you an example of 1 of the 2 sites I have done (within few hours)


With the magic from all components, templates, engine (Joomla), server, and other settings, you could see "Before and After" here...

Before Redesign


After Transformations

I think I will put some technical notes here later once I complete writing it, meanwhile, I will have to runaway from here! Cheers!

Basic Information for now

Joomla! 1.5.9



Templates from Internet

Photos from the author herself...

Update will be done soon!




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